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"The Gospel is a woman's first and most important discipline, for it is the source of godliness."
~ Barbara Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Woman

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"According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,
through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.." 2 Peter 1:3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Today's post is a little late, sorry. We had another appointment with the specialist today to do a breathing test for Mr. Pure at Heart. It turned out well, and they have put him back on the Advair. They changed him to Flovent last Thursday and his cough got worse and worse ever since. Out of all 5 medicines they've tried, the Flonase and Advair together are the best. I'm hoping the lapse in the Advair won't be a big setback. I had to pull him out of church again Sunday because the cough was so bad, and last night he had a hard time getting to sleep. I'm hoping that he will quickly return to how well he was doing over the last month...well, until last Thursday. My prayer is that this will work well again, and he we won't have to schedule any more appointments between now and the one he already has set in September.

As for my weight...I lost 1 pound this week. I'd like to be excited about it, but I'm not. It should have been more. I didn't go to the gym one night, and I made some really bad food choices at home. I tried giving myself a little break and made some cookies with the kids one day, but that just led to several other indulgences on several other days. It just shows that I'm not yet over my old habits. It's something I'll have to keep working on. It's crunch time now...we will be leaving for Kansas in 5 weeks. (hopefully) So, I need to get in gear and quit skipping my gym days. I still had a loss, and I'm thankful for that. If this were any other time, I wouldn't beat myself up so much, but I want to look good for our trip, and I feel like I waisted a whole week. Plus, I did push the limit on some of my choices, and that's not healthy. That's not part of a healthy lifestyle, weight loss aside. But, hooray for my 1 pound, I guess!

So, since I'm running so late on this post, and my day, I will just give a quick tip to you all. I had it posted before, but some may not have seen it, so I'm going to add it again, because it is very helpful. When you eat out, or go to a friends house for dinner, and can't count calories, and do know what to do...here's a general guideline that you can follow. Just divide your plate into 3 sections. You should fill one half of your plate with vegetables...preferably, no salt, butter, creams, etc. Then one quarter of the plate should be your proteins...either beans, or meat or whatever your protein source is. A good way to portion your meat, is it shouldn't be bigger than the palm of your hand. Fatty cuts of steak, pork and shrimp are not the healthiest meat choices, but if that's what your being served, by all means, eat it. Just keep that portion down. The other quarter of your plate should be your starch or complex carbohydrates...rice, potatoes, slice of bread..etc. Obviously again, as plain as you get it, but don't be rude to your hostesses either. If you stick to these portions and don't over indulge in dessert, you can eat just about anything you're being served, just be smart about it. If the food is not the healthiest, get a small plate, or don't fill up the entire thing! Here's my picture below of what your plate should look like...my circle is having a bad day, but you get the idea!

I hope this can help somebody! You all have a wonderful Wednesday! I hope to be able to tell you next week, that I have smashed the 20 pound mark, and am close to my half way mark of 25 pounds!


  1. Great going :)
    I have no clue how much Iv lost, My scale broke :(

  2. Your poor little guy! I am so sorry and I am continuing to pray!

    Hooray for the 1 pound!! I know that you would have liked more, but that is definitely worth celebrating. You are still moving in the direction that you want to. :)

  3. Renee, somedays I wish my scale was broken! lol

  4. I always say, a pound lost is better than a pound gained! You did well, despite some indulgences and the stress of a sick child. Any kind of stress is bad, but I think having a little one that isn't feeling well is the worse stress any mom can have.

    I like the plate dividing idea! I did this the last time I ate out without even thinking about it, and it worked very well. Salads and vegetables are very filling. I find that if I eat them first I'm not craving the other more fattening stuff as much. Great post this week!

  5. A pound is a pound! Good for you. I can gain four pounds in a weekend. So losing a pound looks good to me. Also, I like to completely eliminate the bread on the menu and use rice or potatoes only occasionally and sparingly at that. What I know to be true and what is easy to do are two different things, unfortunately.

  6. I'm the same way Arlene! Drinking a full glass of water before you even start eating, and then starting with the greens, deffinately doesn't leave a whole lot of room for the more unhealthy stuff!

    I usually don't eat rice or potatoes either, but when I'm at a friends, or some place where that's what's available, the plate division keeps the damage to a minimum!

  7. Kristi, I can see how you would be disappointed with only a 1 pound loss, but you are still losing and you are doing so great on getting close to your goal! Hang in there! You can do it!

  8. Kristi, rofl Mine is broke, I had to weigh myself at the mall in a health store lol.
    According to it me at 5'4 I am only 2 lbs over :) Hoora