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"The Gospel is a woman's first and most important discipline, for it is the source of godliness."
~ Barbara Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Weekly Memory Verse

"According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,
through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.." 2 Peter 1:3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Today's post is a little late, sorry. We had another appointment with the specialist today to do a breathing test for Mr. Pure at Heart. It turned out well, and they have put him back on the Advair. They changed him to Flovent last Thursday and his cough got worse and worse ever since. Out of all 5 medicines they've tried, the Flonase and Advair together are the best. I'm hoping the lapse in the Advair won't be a big setback. I had to pull him out of church again Sunday because the cough was so bad, and last night he had a hard time getting to sleep. I'm hoping that he will quickly return to how well he was doing over the last month...well, until last Thursday. My prayer is that this will work well again, and he we won't have to schedule any more appointments between now and the one he already has set in September.

As for my weight...I lost 1 pound this week. I'd like to be excited about it, but I'm not. It should have been more. I didn't go to the gym one night, and I made some really bad food choices at home. I tried giving myself a little break and made some cookies with the kids one day, but that just led to several other indulgences on several other days. It just shows that I'm not yet over my old habits. It's something I'll have to keep working on. It's crunch time now...we will be leaving for Kansas in 5 weeks. (hopefully) So, I need to get in gear and quit skipping my gym days. I still had a loss, and I'm thankful for that. If this were any other time, I wouldn't beat myself up so much, but I want to look good for our trip, and I feel like I waisted a whole week. Plus, I did push the limit on some of my choices, and that's not healthy. That's not part of a healthy lifestyle, weight loss aside. But, hooray for my 1 pound, I guess!

So, since I'm running so late on this post, and my day, I will just give a quick tip to you all. I had it posted before, but some may not have seen it, so I'm going to add it again, because it is very helpful. When you eat out, or go to a friends house for dinner, and can't count calories, and do know what to do...here's a general guideline that you can follow. Just divide your plate into 3 sections. You should fill one half of your plate with vegetables...preferably, no salt, butter, creams, etc. Then one quarter of the plate should be your proteins...either beans, or meat or whatever your protein source is. A good way to portion your meat, is it shouldn't be bigger than the palm of your hand. Fatty cuts of steak, pork and shrimp are not the healthiest meat choices, but if that's what your being served, by all means, eat it. Just keep that portion down. The other quarter of your plate should be your starch or complex carbohydrates...rice, potatoes, slice of bread..etc. Obviously again, as plain as you get it, but don't be rude to your hostesses either. If you stick to these portions and don't over indulge in dessert, you can eat just about anything you're being served, just be smart about it. If the food is not the healthiest, get a small plate, or don't fill up the entire thing! Here's my picture below of what your plate should look like...my circle is having a bad day, but you get the idea!

I hope this can help somebody! You all have a wonderful Wednesday! I hope to be able to tell you next week, that I have smashed the 20 pound mark, and am close to my half way mark of 25 pounds!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Move It Monday

Good morning to everyone! I can't believe it's Monday already and we are only 6 days away from July 4th! We haven't even begun to discuss what we will be doing to celebrate this wonderful Holiday. I do need to get a few more decorations outside though. I've gotten my decorative flag up already, but I usually put out some little American flags and some fake red, white, and blue flowers. I'll have to work on that today as well.

I am still trying to recover from a sinus infection, which is really hard to do without antibiotics. One day I hope to have insurance and a doctor again. Oh, how I miss going in and being seen anytime I need it. That's the only downfall to living here. I haven't been able to do that since we moved here almost 3 years ago. If it just won't go away, I'll go to one of the Walgreen's care clinics, but that's $65 plus medicine...I don't want to spend that unless I have to. That's one nights hotel stay in Kansas. We need the money for that.

So, today I have quite the list of things to do. I fell behind this weekend. I need to:

Wash the dishes

Start a load of laundry

Clean counters

Second load of laundry

Sweep and mop kitchen floor

Vacuum dining room floor

Third load of laundry

Pull more garage sale items

So, that's my day. Gotta keep it moving! I won't be making my special Monday morning breakfast today. I splurged this weekend with family and friends, and enjoyed every minute of it! But now, I have to have some very low caloric intake days to make up for it. I'm not expecting much of a loss this week, but that's okay. I've accomplished some great things in the last 2 months, and I'll give myself one week "off" from the pressures of losing weight!

So tell me...anything special you are doing on the 4th?!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Project Organized Home

Well today's post sorta has something to do with organization. For those of you who read my daybook on Tuesday, you know that my washer broke. This could be a really long story, but I won't put you through it. Let's just say that Tuesday and Wednesday were full of online browsing, store visiting, phone call making, tool box opening and head splitting activities. At the end of it all, I wound up with a smashed and bleeding finger, but a working washer and $187 back in my bank account! That's right. I fixed the washer myself! So, I was able to get a refund on the used washer that we had bought, but hadn't picked up yet. I'm so proud of myself. And I wouldn't even have a hurt finger, if I would of remembered before I hurt it, that hubby's shop was unlocked. I was using a pair of wire strippers as a pair of pliers, and anytime you use them for anything OTHER than stripping wires, you are going to get hurt! I've done it before, and knew if would happen, but I really wanted to take stress off of hubby and work on it myself. After I made my finger hurt so bad that I wanted to cut it off, I remembered that his shop was unlocked, and I sent my oldest son out to get me the right tools. Oh well.

I'm just praising the Lord that He allowed me to fix it, and get our money back! We really didn't have the money to be buying a washer, especially when ours is only just over 2 years old! Now I pray it will continue to work for a good long while. So see, my post really does fit into organization, because without a washer, there really can't be any organization around here!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Oh, goodness. Where do I start? I wanted to share something informational for you guys like I used to on my old weight loss Wednesday posts that I deleted a while back....but it may have to wait until next week to keep this post from being too long. I have some other great news to share today! Let's start simple...I lost 1.4 pounds this week for a total loss of 18 pounds! Wow. That in itself is just amazing. I wanted more than the 1.4 of course, but that's not bad for being so sick this week. I made sure to eat every few hours, even if it was just a bite. I was on the couch a lot, but got my workouts in still. Drank as much fluids as I could.

The next great thing...I fit into my first goal skirt today. I bought it at the start of this journey and I can finally wear it comfortably! I have been waiting for the money to buy a shirt to go with it, and things just weren't working out for me there. I pulled out some totes from the closet a couple days ago, to see if I could fit into any of the smaller clothes I had stored in there. Sure enough, I was able to wear several things, and one of them just happened to be a nice white Coldwater Creek shirt with lace trim, that will go perfectly with my first goal skirt! Thank you Lord! So, I already know what I will be wearing to church!

I have lost a total of 17 inches off my body! 2 1/2 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my torso, more than an inch off of each thigh and 2 inches from my hips! I've even lost almost an inch around my neck! I'll spare you all the measurements, but how exciting to see the changes in so many different ways! The numbers on the scale, the numbers on the tape measure, how my clothes fit, what I see in the mirror, and lastly and most importantly....in my health!

Which brings me to my last exciting thing for today. I went to the gym to turn in my key card and thank them for my free month. After talking for a minute about my progress, the manager offered me another month and a half free! That way I could wait until August to start paying for my membership, after we're done saving for our trip! How great is that? She didn't want to see me lose the progress that I had made. How wonderful! Thank you Lord, again! So, I'm still going every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I even went this Saturday and yesterday when I was sick...(don't worry, we disinfect the machines after we use them anyway..club rules!)...and boy was I glad I went last night. Something amazing happened last night! I started out with a mile on the stationary bike like always, and then I moved on to all the weight lifting machines I use, then I went on to the elliptical to finish it out. My sinuses were clear, for the first time in days and I felt good. I decided to hop on the treadmill and see if I could run for a couple minutes. I am NOT a runner. I have exercise indused(however you spell that word) asthma and can't really run outside, and still have trouble running inside. Plus, I have a really bad left knee from a motorcycle wreck when I was a teenager. Even when we ran 3 miles a day for volleyball back in Jr. High, I often had to wear a knee brace and use my inhaler. Well, I don't have a doctor here, and I don't have a knee brace. So the most I can do, is run for a minute, and then walk for a couple minutes, and then run for another minute, and so on. I'm usually done after 2-3 times of running. Well, I got on the treadmill and started running right off the bat. I began thinking, what if I could run a quarter mile? Then at the quarter mile mark, I thought, I wonder if I could make it to a half a mile? I haven't done that in 2 years. As I neared the half mile, I thought, you know what? I'm going to run a whole mile. How great would it be to be able to say that I ran a whole mile?! I'm sure I'll have to stop at 3/4 of a mile, but how awesome would it be to run a mile...that would be so much better to say than "I ran for 3/4 of a mile." It wasn't until I reached about .83 of the mile, that I realized I really could do it. It was amazing! For years I've watched people run and wished that I could do that. I've tried so many times over the years to run that mile. I've wanted to so bad. I can lose weight, I've done it time and time again, but to run a mile, that's been unobtainable. You know how this is going to end! I ran the WHOLE MILE! Never stopped once, controlled my breathing, and my thoughts. Ran as gracefully as I could, to not do too much damage to my knee. I just couldn't believe it. Do you know how long it's been since I ran a mile? 13 years! The weight loss is great, but I've done that before. I'm stronger than most women I know, I've always had a lot of muscle, that's nothing new. But yesterday, I ran a whole mile and I haven't done that since I was 15. I reached the unobtainable! Plus, I did it at the end of my 2 hour workout, and while I was sick!

I had to call my dad right when I left, and tell him. When I got home, and told hubby, I started crying. He thinks I'm silly, but I just can't express into words what that mile meant to me. I am finally getting my health back at a time where I feel like I have little control over it. I have all these health issues that I can't go see a doctor for, and it really stresses me out sometimes and concerns me to no end. But amongst all those, I reached a health goal that I have so longed for, for quite sometime! So, there you have it. That's my great news for today! I'll try to have a health tip, or recipe up next week, but I just had to share this today!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...June 22nd, 2010

Outside my window~ the heat is beginning to build up. Summers here are so hot and humid. That's great for hubby's business...not so great for me and outdoor time. I have to water plants early in the morning, or late at night. All shopping really needs to be done before 11:00am even earlier if possible. Kansas was the same way though. I miss Colorado ever summer!

I am thinking~ of how I'm ready to be well again. The bad colds really knock me out, day and night.

From the learning rooms~ just summer state history and reading!

I am going~ to make some calls on our broken washer, and maybe to the used appliance store if necessary...otherwise I'm not going anywhere because of the reason stated above!

I am currently reading~ Disciplines of a Godly Woman.

I'm looking forward to~ our trip in August that is still lingering in the balance.

From the kitchen~ooo, that reminds me, I need to grab some chicken out of the deep freeze. We're having chicken fajitas tonight!

I am thankful for~ this weight coming off of me. I feel so much better already!

I am hoping~ that the Lord will provide us with a way to fix or replace our washer without taking money saved for our trip. I can't believe this, my washer is only 2 years old. Maybe it's just too small to keep up with the demand I put on it!

I am wearing~ not much...I just weighed myself and needless to say, I don't like to be wearing 2 pounds of clothes when I do! I had better get dressed before the kids come downstairs.

I am praying~ for a washer, a good doctor appointment for Mr. Pure at Heart on Thursday, several friends, and a whole lot more!

Around the house~ well, certainly not laundry today. I got a lot done yesterday, and I hope to get the bathrooms cleaned today and pick up my bedroom a bit. Maybe pull out some more garage sale stuff.

From my picture journal~

Our special Father's Day dinner. Pizza Pasta Casserole, Garlic Bread, and Peanut Butter Brownies! Yes, I had some of everything! Yummmm!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Move It Monday

Well, I woke up sick yesterday, so I am still recovering today, and things are slow moving. They are moving none-the-less though. I have finally got some breakfast in me, although it wasn't my usual Monday morning special breakfast. I just got in some FiberOne cereal and I'm going to call that good. I don't have much of an appetite, but know I need to eat something to keep the metabolism going. I am going to go do the dishes from last night, because I just crashed. I couldn't breathe, I felt horrible, and just wanted to go to sleep. I also have several other things on the to do list. So, I'm going to try to accomplish something around the house, without overdoing it so I can still get some rest and get over this bad cold. I intend to:

Wash the dishes_DONE

First load of laundry_DONE

Grab more garage sale stuff_DONE

Second load of laundry-WASHER BROKE

Vacuum dinning room and living room floors_DONE

Third load of laundry
Bag up clothes that are too big for me now..YEAH!

Put away ALL clean clothes_DONE

Happy Monday morning to you, and I hope you can get the week started off on the right foot! If you've never read this post before, you might want to read the first one to see what it's all about!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

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Today's post has been on my heart for a couple days now. There are so many things in my life to be thankful for. My kids, my home, my family, my still semi-good health, my friends, my church, my freedom, and most importantly, my salvation! But for the last few days one thing has really stuck out to me. I am thankful for working hands. That's the title of this picture...
More specifically, I am thankful for MY husbands working hands. They keep us fed. They keep a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, toys in our chests, books on our shelves, jewelry in our boxes, and vehicles in our driveway...ones that will move out of the driveway when you want them to! And every chance the Lord gives him, he uses those hands to bless others as well. He will work all day long in the heat or cold, and then spend his whole evening working on someone's heating or air conditioning unit for little to no cost for those who can't afford it. This week, he installed an entire new outdoor unit for a family who has 5 kids. They had been without air conditioning for days, and had to spend their days out in the sun because it was almost 100 degrees in their house. The dad doesn't work, and doesn't even want to work. The mom is uneducated and works hard at a minimum wage job. They can barely afford to put food on the table, much less a new air conditioning unit. One could stand there and judge and say that they don't deserve help, because they won't work for it or take care of their own kids...but God says to show love to your neighbor and to love them as you love yourself. Now those kids, are playing happily inside a cool house and the mom can be at rest. As for the dad, we pray he will put down the beer can, and pick up an application somewhere, but in the mean time, he has seen the mercy that God provides, and the blessings that come from working hands! I'm proud of my husband for caring for others, and reaching out when he can, to help them. I praise God for his working hands, and ask God to help me to do all I can to take care of my husband as he takes care of us!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well, I am happy to report a 3.4 pound loss for the week! That is just marvelous news because it means...

Yes! I have reached my second weight loss goal of being under 200 pounds. My weight now begins with a 1 instead of a 2! That is just so exciting! And with 16 pounds lost now, I really feel like I am accomplishing something! I am about a third of the way to my goal weight. I have a large frame and am by no means a short person. I also have A LOT of muscle and so a healthy weight for me would be between 150-170 pounds. That's a size 8-12 for me. I don't have a set weight that I want to be. I want to stop when I feel healthy, and my husband is pleased with how I look. He doesn't want me getting too small....like that's going to be a problem?! lol

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, we had a nice visit to the doctor. They both had croop...again. This time, no ear infection for Miss Piggy, so hooray for that. She is taking Mr. Pure at Heart off Singulair since it doesn't seem to be doing him any more good than the Zyrtec did. She's keeping him on the Flonase, and she's starting him on a low dose of steroids every day. He's going to try taking Advair. He'll also have to take Prednisone for three days to treat the croop. We were able to move his appointment with the allergist up yesterday, so he'll see him on the 24th of this month now, instead of having to wait until August. She thinks the daily steroids will help him and his now 8 month long, cough. She thinks that would be safer than having him constantly get sick and having to give him large doses of Steroids. The Singulair has a lot of risk involved with it, so I'm glad to have him off of it, since it didn't add any benefit. The doctor also thinks that Miss Piggy may be like her brother, and has allergies that are developing, and may get bad as she gets older, just as his did. So, because she has been in to the doctor 3 times in the last 4 months, she's going to be taking an ever lower dose of Advair, daily. Doc wants us to try it for a month and see how it goes. These first three days will be the worst of it, as she has to take the prednisone also for 3 days to treat her croop. With the kids being homeschooled, not in daycare, they shouldn't be sick this often. They get viruses from the many kids we have at church, and can pick it up at the grocery store sometimes...but the main problem is the type of sickness they are getting, and how long it takes them to recover. My other two kids, are like most kids. They don't always get a virus when it's going around, and they recover, or "get over it" rather quickly. That's the norm.

Now, let me say, that I am FULLY aware off all that's involved with taking the steroids. My brother had SEVERE asthma and allergies when he was little, and had to take a lot of steroids for months. So, I don't need anyone telling me about their opinion on what we're doing, or horror stories they've heard. This has been emotional enough for me already. There is nothing worse for me than having to daily watch my children suffer with illnesses. I just praise God that they are ALIVE and under my care! I just need your prayers, my children need your prayers, and please pray that God will guide the doctors and give them wisdom on how to best care for my babies. (Don't tell them I called them babies!) Honestly, I don't mean to sound rude...I just give my life daily for this family and I get very emotional about my children and my job as their mother and caretaker, and I get upset when criticized on how I chose to do my job. Please understand! Thank you for your prayers, we do cherish them!

The Simple Woman's Daybook-6/15/10

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For Today, June 15th, 2010

Outside my window~ It had apparently rained last night, because the window is wet, and so is the ground, but the sky leaves no lingering signs of such activity. The sun is shining beautifully in a clear blue sky. I'm sure that means a hot and muggy day for us once again.

I am thinking~ my thinker hasn't started working yet!

From the learning rooms~ We are done! Hooray! However, my oldest son showed us clearly yesterday, that he can't go a whole summer with nothing to do. So, he will be doing Florida State History paces from A.C.E. and several A Beka readers. I'm going to pick out a few stories for him to do book reports on as well. He's excited about it though, because it's different from what he's done this year, and he thinks it will be "fun learning!"

I am going~ to take two of my kids to the doctor. My poor two who are always sick it seems. That's the worse part of being a mom of little one's, is having to watch your dear sweet children suffer and having little you can do to fix it.

I am currently reading~ Disciplines of a Godly Woman & a study on the letters of Paul to the churches.

Looking forward to~ our trip in August, if the Lord allows! Still not sure if it will be Kansas and Colorado, or just Kansas.

From the kitchen~ focusing on keeping it sparkling clean! Since we are on summer break, keeping up with the dishes after each meal, is pretty easy!

I am thankful for~ my husband. I really truly am. For more reasons than I could list here.
I am hoping~ that the doctor can help my son, especially.

I am wearing~ a dark blue jean skirt from CATO Fashions, and haven't decided on the shirt yet...I'm still wearing my pj shirt.

I am praying~ for healing for my son's allergies and cough. Salvation for several family members of friends, so many things. I'm glad I serve a God who is able!

Around the house~ a lot of sorting to get things ready for a garage sale. Lot's of organizing and de-cluttering!

From my picture journal~

I'm already wanting another trip to the Georgia Aquarium!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Move It Monday

Good Monday morning to you all! I hope you have a wonderful start this week! I am currently making my wonderful Monday morning special breakfast and am looking forward to what this day holds! To keep myself moving today, I am planning on doing:

3 loads of laundry-2 DONE

Sweep and mop living room floor

Pull out more stuff for garage sale-DONE

Water all outdoor plants and flowers-DONE

Help girls clean up their room a little-DONE

We are finally done with the school year, and grades have been given out! It was a great year, and I am looking forward to next year's school year already! Austin will start some summer state history and reading today, while Andrew will have a short break, and then start his summer reading. Praise God for getting us through another year!

I hope you all will come back on Weight Loss Wednesday, as I have some great news to share with you! I will tell you this now...I have found that staying on the move all day, really makes a difference on how much weight I lose. I have found that steadily moving around the house all day can be as effective as going to the gym for 2 hours! Good news for us SAHM moms, huh?!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Project Organized Home

First of all, please excuse the mess while I redesign my blog!

Well, today I have two things to share with you for my organized home post. The first one is a wonderful project that my mother did with me when I was a girl, and now I am doing it with my daughters! It is a fairly inexpensive craft project that anyone can do. It gives your kids something quiet, still and productive to do, which I LOVE! Some of you may already have them, or at least heard of them, but they are....

Perler Beads!

They were a little hard for my just turned 3 year old, but she enjoyed doing as much as she could, and it entertained her for quite some time! She also loves playing with the finished product! Anyone, really can do these...even folks with big hands and fingers. They make little tweezers that you can use instead of your fingers, and even my non-craft loving husband can use them. His daughter conned him into finishing hers! (shhh..don't tell anyone!)

Then, when the design is finished, you just put iron paper over it, and iron it to fuse the beads together. Then you take it off the pegboard and iron the other side. When it cools, you have wonderful creations to display or play with!...

And the pegboards are reusable, so you can use them over and over and over again! My boys watched the girls, and decided they wanted to do it as well, so I went back to the store and picked them up some "manly" boards, such as cars, planes, farm animals, and amphibians! Most craft stores carry them, as well as Walmart.


And my second thing to show you today, is what I was finally able to accomplish this week! The girl's room. We got all the toys sorted through, the furniture moved and the new curtains, wall stickers and bedding up! One side is Disney fairies, and the other side is My Little Pony! It looks so much more like a comfy, homey room now, instead of a cold disaster zone! Hooray for finally finishing the upstairs rooms! This is the only picture I can show you on this blog because their names are shown in the others, but those of you who can view our family blog, I'll have more pictures on there.

Oh, and FYI...my allergy ridden son, for whom we moved all these rooms around, is doing much better in his new room! The new flooring and all the other changes in there, have made him cough free overnight! Praise God. That gives me hope, that if we can one day take the carpet out of the whole house, and get a leather couch, he will be able to spend all of his days cough free!

Feel free to leave comments or tell us about what you've done to make your home more orgainzed, peaceful, or enjoyable!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I don't have much time for today's post, but I just wanted to take a moment and say how thankful I am for God's Word. I know I've said this before, but I don't always think about it, and I often take it for granted.

I can turn to it whenever I want, I have that freedom. It's always there waiting for me. When I open that Divine book, I always find wisdom, knowledge, peace, comfort, love and long suffering. No matter what I am facing, if I have a need, and I read long enough, God WILL give me an answer...even if the answer is just to wait for His timing or give me assurance that He is always there with me. How thankful I am that He is forgiving, patient, and long-suffering with me. I am so unworthy of all He does and will do for me. Often, I'm not even thankful for it, because my mind is too occupied with worldly things to even think of what all He's done for me. May God continue to forgive me, and bless me through His Word that I am so thankful to have!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well, hello again! I'm sorry I've been off the radar for the past few days. We've had so much going on, and I've been struggling to juggle it all. Remember my post a while back on our 40,000 thoughts a day? Well, I have failed to keep all of mine positive this past week, and it really affected me. I let financial and physical stress get the better of me. The good news in it all though...this time, I did not turn to food for the answer! YAY! That's what I've always done and that's why I've been so heavy at times, or gained back weight that I had lost. I'm so thankful that I'm finally beginning to learn some life lessons here. This truly is more than a diet...it is a lifestyle change. It took me more days than it should have, but I finally turned to God, and read my bible searching for answers and peace to my stress, instead of Little Debbie! I ate good all week and it lead to a loss for the week of 1.4 pounds!

I know that number isn't staggering, but I had actually gained 2 pounds that were unexplainable over the last two weeks. My one pound loss last week was frustrating because I had weighed less a few days before, and then Thursday after my last post, my weight went up another pound! For seemingly no reason. I don't know if it was just too much sodium, so I was retaining more water, or what? So, I have actually lost three pounds from this past Friday. That makes me happy! One of my dear friends sent me an article that talks about how it's actually good to weigh yourself everyday to keep in tune with what your body is doing. (which is good because that's what I've done for years!) But, it says that you will fluctuate based on what you eat, exercise, stress, water intake, so on and so on. However, you should gradually notice over time that you are going down weight wise. So, one shouldn't be alarmed about weight being a little higher one week as long as you are eating and exercising properly and you should notice a decrease in weight over all as time goes on. That is definitely me! I have lost a grand total now of 13 pounds! And I have actually lost almost 2 dress sizes! So, praise the Lord for that, and Praise Him for my new life changing skills, and I will press on.

Today is my last week for the gym membership and I don't even know if I'll make it at all. Hopefully I will Saturday, but Thursday I have a baby shower to go to. I'm very saddened that the membership is coming to an end, and right now it looks as though we will not be renewing it. I just hope it gave me the jumpstart that I needed, and I can find ways to successfully work out at home now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weight Loss Wendesday

Well, I am frustrated to report that my weight loss for the week was only 1 pound. It really fluctuated this week and I was lighter than I am today, twice in the last week! I'm sure it has something to do with water, and blah blah blah, because I have a skirt that I tried on last Wednesday, and I tried it on today, and it fits much better. So my body shape is saying that I lost more than 1 pound! It was just so frustrating to see that number this morning, after all the hard work I've put in at the gym. I'm not too discouraged though, just frustrated. I'm looking on the positive side and focusing on all the good changes I see in my figure and my overall health. Hopefully, the scale will be nicer to me next week!

Homestead Blessings DVD Giveaway

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