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"The Gospel is a woman's first and most important discipline, for it is the source of godliness."
~ Barbara Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Weekly Memory Verse

"According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,
through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.." 2 Peter 1:3

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Pictures

Since I'm not doing anything else right now, I thought I'd show you some pictures of the snow we had. I took some great shots and would like to show them to someone before winter is over! Growing up in Colorado, snow is a part of winter, and I learned to just love it! That's been one of the hardest parts of being in Georgia, is not having the snow. I am so thankful that since we've moved here, we've had one really good snow each year. The kids and I were so excited when we saw this accumulating outside...My poor dog turned into a drowned and muddy rat! All three of them loved it though...I couldn't get the little two to stay inside...Absolutely breathtaking as the sun pops up over the top of the trees! These trees aren't made for snow, but they sure look pretty covered in it! At least this time, the branches didn't break under the weight of the snow, they all held up fine. I could of stared at the trees all day! Such a bummer that the snow melted that same day. I'm just thankful I have these pictures...You don't see roads like this very often around here! It took us several tries to get up the hill when we left in the van a little later that day...Needless to say, the kids were having a ball with all that snow! We had to drag them back into the house to warm up. They really miss all the snow we had in Kansas. Hubby doesn't miss shoveling it all though. Kansas has had some record breaking snow fall amounts since we've left, and hubby is soooo glad we missed out on those!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay, so here is the picture I thought I would have for you yesterday! Three sides up, and one side to go. Next was the roof, because we were supposed to get rain the next day...so the roof had to go on before the rest of the siding. Only problem was, we ran out of daylight and shingles, so he cut part of a tarp and nailed it on until we could get more daylight and bring the rest of the shingles around to the back of the house.
Here's a picture I took today. All 4 sides are done, and the corner pieces are put on. Two sides of the shop are painted, and the two sides that are showing, have yet to be painted...just primed. But that's pretty close to the color it will be...it matches the color of the vinyl siding on the house pretty closely. He still has to finish the roof, and run all the wiring. Then will come insulation and walls for the inside.

I was supposed to paint today and be a big help, but that didn't happen. I woke up with my back hurting, and by noon, I couldn't hardly walk. I laid down in bed and iced my back for a while, and when I went to get back up, I couldn't. Since hubby and the kids were outside, I was on my own. It took me 5 minutes and a lot of tears to slide out of the bed and onto my hands on knees on the floor. I crawled all the way into the dinning room(which took another 5 minutes) so I could reach the phone and call the chiropractor. He wasn't at the office, and no one was at the other office either. Out of desperation, I called my old chiropractor, and they didn't answer the phone either. Then my husband came in the house, and saw me on my hands on knees and knew I was in trouble. He asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, but I didn't think they could do anything for me, and we can't afford for me to go there unless my life is at stake. My oldest son helped me crawl up the stairs and brought me a towel into the bathroom. I somehow managed to run a bath, and got in the tub. (I'm really glad no one saw me trying to do that!) The hot water loosened my back up enough for me to walk for a couple minutes at a time, and gave me a few minutes to cry without anyone seeing or hearing me. I have a very high pain tolerance, but that's just too much. I prayed and prayed, and felt better by the time I came back downstairs.

With the Lord's help, some Advil liquid gels, Excedrin back and body, and a wheelchair, we made it through Walmart to get some groceries. My son pushed me all the way through the store, while my husband pushed the cart and grabbed the stuff I pointed out. Now I'm back in bed praying for the Lord to heal me enough to make it to church tomorrow. I'm sure all the lifting I did to help build the shop caused this, but what am I to do? Hubby needed my help. If I could of just made it to the chiropractor last week, I'm sure I could have avoided this, but I didn't have a vehicle to get there. I just pray for the Lord's strength, grace, and healing. I'm focusing on all the great and wonderful things in my life, instead of the pain. My beautiful youngest daughter is sleeping next to me right now...so precious.

Here's to making it through the weekend!

Project Organized Home-Shop

Well I know I was supposed to have this posted earlier today, but it's been a busy day! This is the first day I've had a vehicle to drive in two weeks, so I had a few places to go! I'm still so thankful that we have a vehicle loaned to us for a while. I wanted to show you some pictures of the shop that my husband and I are building in the back yard. All in all we will have less than a thousand dollars into this building. That's everything...wood, siding, insulation, wiring, paint, lights..everything. He got a lot for free from friends or people he works with and around. If you were to buy just the building kit, not including wiring, insulation, or anything on the inside, it would cost almost $4,000. So this is a real blessing. We've needed one ever since we moved here to Georgia. Hubby had a nice one in Kansas, and that was hard to leave. He has so many tools...some for work and some for home. We had a carport on this house, but we enclosed it for more square footage inside the house over a year ago. Now he'll be able to rebuild the engine on my van, work some handy-man jobs for extra money when needed, and get his stuff OUT OF MY HOUSE! Our house...sorry honey. Plus, the little metal shed that he's been storing some of his tools in, will now be able to be used for my stuff. Christmas totes, outdoor decorations, all the big stuff that's really been cluttering up our house. That will free closet space in the house for school items, crafts, fabric, and etc. It's really going to make for a much more organized home! We aren't quite finished with the shop, but I'm going to show you some pictures of what we've got done so far!

Sorry about the smoke in the picture. We were burning the scrap wood in our fire pit.

I thought I had more pictures on the computer, but apparently they are still on the camera, so I'll post some more tomorrow! We have three sides on, plus the roof and it's shingles. Oh, and the front door is installed as well. So I'll post those tomorrow, and then later I'll post the third round. This spring I'll probably have to post a fourth round when we have the landscaping done around it! We plan on putting up some trellises and some brick flower beds around it to make it look a little nicer. I'm so excited about the whole thing, and so is hubby...even more so. He finally has a place to "get away" for a while and tinker!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

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Oh, I am so thankful this morning! We have wonderful friends who are concerned for us, and care about us. Many have been praying for us and I really appreciate that. Yesterday we were blessed by some of our friends, with a vehicle to drive for a while. We were able to be in church last night, and that was just wonderful. I will be able to run errands today and get some FOOD in this house! My husband has been doing a great job at picking up groceries for us, but I didn't want to overload him, so I had only been having him pick up the "staples." Now I need to go get all the rest. I am so thankful for friends who care so much and do all they can to help us in our time of need. We have a lot of friends like that here, who help in any way they are able to, and that is just so uplifting, and touching. I hope they all realize how special they are...even the phone calls, to check on us, and let us know that they are thinking of us!

So today I am thankful for temporary relief and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in mind for a permanent solution! Everything in His timing!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well I lost another pound this week!

I'll take anything at this point. I know the thyroid problem I think I have is really hindering my weight loss. I have been reading up on it, and trying to find things I can do to help it that don't require seeing a doctor and getting a prescription, since that isn't possible. So far, I've learned that foods with high fat content can be harmful, so I'm trying to avoid those. I've also started taking Probiotic Pearls supplements recommended for thyroid sufferers and learned that it's very important that I remember to take the omega 3,6,9 supplement that I've been taking. I've started back up on my multi-vitamin which I hadn't been taking in months, and read that it's important to get enough zinc and selenium, so the next vitamin I buy will need to have more of those in it.

I can already tell a difference. I have more energy and have been accomplishing more each day. That makes me soooo happy! My emotions are more stable, and that makes EVERYONE happy! I want to be healthy so bad. I truly hope I am on the right road to a happier and healthier me! I want to enjoy ALL my days instead of just trying to get through some. Sometimes my energy is so low, I can barely get dinner cooked, and I DON'T get it cleaned up. It is still much better than it was before I changed my diet. 6 months ago, I would just cry in the middle of the day and pray and tell God that I was so tired of being tired and being unable to take care of my home and family properly. I'm so thankful that He is answering my prayers and beginning to heal my body through diet change and these new supplements. As soon as my weight is down a little more (so I won't throw my lower back out) I intend to add exercise back in. I know that will help my health even more. Exercise does so much for the body and mind...a whole lot more than just helping to shed pounds. That's really just the icing on the cake. I still hope to be able to see a doctor one day, and get some tests ran for my numerous health issues, but I'm thankful for the changes that I can make and the wisdom that God has given me to do so.

I'm looking forward to next weeks weigh-in! (I have a beautiful skirt I'm waiting to fit into, and I'm not far away!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

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I still have quite the list to tackle today. It's funny how even when you don't go anywhere and have outside distractions, you can still be behind in housework. I guess I can't use, "I had to go to..." as an excuse anymore! To my defense though, (a real defense, not an excuse) I was building a shop and working on vehicles. That's productive as well! I can't wait to share the shop pictures with you...those will be on Friday, so make sure you come back then! Today I need to tackle:


*Mop Kitchen Floor-DONE

*Spot Treat Dinning Room Carpet-DONE

*Vacuum Stairs


*Clean Living room Thoroughly

*Help Girls Finish Their Rooms

*Clean Windows


I need a productive day today, I really do!
~On a side note...I know some of you have been praying about our vehicle situation, and I appreciate it. We are still keeping our spirits up, knowing that God has a reason for everything! We also know that He works all things together for good, to those who love Him and who are the called according to His purpose! We are trusting in Him and it looks like we've been provided with a temporary way to get to church services, so I praise God for that! The rest will be in His time, and we'll give Him the praise!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY... February 22nd, 2010

Outside my window... is a gooey muddy mess. It rained this morning and since our big dog has trampled all the grass in the backyard, it instantly turns to mud when it rains. Too bad my desk isn't facing the front yard. It's beautifully covered in grass, flowers, English Ivy, and birds!

I am hearing... Super Why on the tv.

I am thinking... that I'm glad PBS is still on tv. There isn't much out there on tv anymore that's appropriate for my children to watch.

From the learning rooms... Another week of schoolwork. I'm so glad we are not behind like we were this time last year. The kids have been looking forward to today, they get to raid the treasure chest. For every test they get an A on, they get to pick one small thing. For every 100% they receive on a test, they get to pick out one big thing. I have pencils, erasers, matchbox cars, balloons, all kinds of goodies in there.

I am thankful for... my home. When you are stuck in it, and unable to go anywhere, it's really nice to be in such a wonderful and comfortable home!

I am wearing... sticking with the Sisterhood of the Lingering Pajamas for a while today!

I am going... NOWHERE, obviously!

I am currently reading... I'm still reading Created To Be His Help Meet. I can't take it back to the library, so I'm going to have to just pay the overdue fees whenever my husband has a chance to get it back, on his way to or from work.

On my mind... my dear hubby. He's doing good so far with all this stress, but I can tell that it's really starting to get to him. He's not of those, "I'll do my best, and if that isn't good enough, oh well" kind of guys. He takes providing for us very seriously and is really upset if he feels he's not doing a good enough job. This vehicle thing is very tough for him. I just keep praying.

One of my favorite things... a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day.

Pondering these words... I have a new place at the top of my blog where I am putting weekly quotes. These are the words that I ponder throughout the week!

From the kitchen... when I walk through it, I close my eyes. Does that tell you anything? To my defense, I was outside all weekend helping my husband work on vehicles and build a shop!

I am hoping... to have a great productive day!

Around the house... soooo much to do since I've been outside with hubby for so many days. Laundry and dishes need to be a priority, but I hope to help the girls with their rooms today too. The boys need to clean the bathrooms today.

From my picture journal...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Van Update

Thank you all for your kind words on my last post! The news from the mechanic shop was not good. They said the problem with the engine on the van is sludge build-up and it needs to be replaced. Anybody know the going rate for a used Kia Sedona engine?...$3,500. Yep, that's right. We don't have that. Not by a long shot. So we paid our hundred dollar diagnostic fee and towed the van back home.

I had no idea. The van was in great shape when we bought it. They said the previous owner obviously didn't take it in for routine oil changes and there was no way to know that the sludge was building up when we bought it without opening the engine. They call engine sludge, "the silent killer." So we took the news pretty hard. We still owe $5400 on the van. We have no other vehicles. At least hubby can still get to work...he did get his company work van fixed today. We have one long shot that he's going to try. He's going to use diesel fuel to do an engine flush. It may or may not get the sludge out, and it could possibly damage some parts in the engine, but at this point we have nothing to loose. What's it going to hurt if we damage an engine that needs to be replaced anyway?

I can't imagine not having a way for us to go to church, or anywhere again. We had to do that for a little over a month, about a year and a half ago. My oldest son will end up missing piano lessons if we can't fix the van. It's hard to be upbeat and hubby is taking it the worst, because he's the provider, but like I told him, we'll do what we need to do. It's all in the Lord's hands, and there is a reason for everything. I am just thankful to have him. I'd much rather loose a van, than loose him. Maybe that's why God allowed the failure on his work van... so that we would be prepared for this and able to keep it in perspective. Please just keep us in your prayers, and no matter what the scenario, we give God all the honor, praise and Glory!

Thankful Thursday

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Late Tuesday afternoon my husband called me and said that he would be coming home late. I asked why because I knew that he wanted to come home as soon as possible, and work on his shop some before dark. He said that "we are just now leaving Atlanta." I asked, "who's we?" He replied, "me and the tow truck driver." So then came the sudden gulp and the rise in blood pressure and my many questions about what had happened. The ball joint went out on the front end of his work van causing the front right tire to crash into the fender and sent the front of the van crashing to the ground and the back of the van came off the ground. That's all he told me until he came home and got the van off the tow truck into the driveway. When he came inside, he told me that he thanked God that he was alive and able to come home. This all happened in the parking lot as he was leaving the job site. Had it of happened on I-85 just a few minutes later, he would have been dead. He had all his tools in the front of the van with him, because the back was full of supplies. Anyone who knows what a cargo van looks like, knows that there is a metal cage that separates the front two seats from the rest of the van. This keeps people from being able to brake the front window and steal tools, and also to keep the driver and passenger safe from flying tools and etc. One would also know that these vans are very top heavy especially when loaded with ladders, such as my husbands van is. If the ball joint would have gone out on the highway, the van would have flipped and rolled, and if the impact of the crash wouldn't have killed him, the tool boxes he had up front would have repeatedly crushed him each time the van rolled.

I don't mean to over dramatize, or be too descriptive, but it just shows how wonderful God's protection is. That's what He saved us from Tuesday. We pray so often for traveling mercies, sometimes not realizing just how important those prayers can be. What's more, I didn't even pray for his traveling mercies that morning, like I usually do. But God was there. Even though I wasn't faithful, God was, and always is! Our anniversary is in two days, and thanks to God's protection, I don't have to spend it a widow! My children have their daddy still! This is the second time God has protected hubby from a horrific accident on the road. Some of you may remember the post I had, (before I deleted them all) where hubby was one car away from being side swiped and he watched the truck in front of him flip and roll across 6 lanes of traffic. If he wouldn't have already started pushing on the brake, allowing him to slow down a little before the car came into their lane, it would have been him instead. He was watching that car and saw that it was driving a little wreck less. Something told him, we know it was God, that he should slow down and get space from it. Just at that instant, it jerked into their lane, and he slammed the brake down quickly as his foot was already lightly pushing on it, and the car hit the truck in front of him flipping and rolling it across 6 whole lanes of traffic. Since he had already started to brake, the vehicles behind him started to slow down as well and were able to stop in time to keep from hitting him from behind and causing a pile-up.

I find it to be so amazing, the way God can work the most minute details that we just look over, to accomplish His will! God's providence is amazing and beyond comprehension sometimes. If you want to quit reading here, I understand, but I'm so excited about all this that I have to continue with the story of my van today.

So, hubby's boss paid him to stay home today and work on fixing the work van. Since my husband is mechanically inclined, his boss would rather pay him to work on the van than pay a mechanic shop to do it. Hubby was using my...scratch that...our family van to run to the parts stores to get what he needed to fix the work van. On his second trip, as he pulled into the driveway, the oil pressure light came on, and when he got out of the van, he saw an oil trail from the street to under the van. He opened the hood and found that a seal had come out from the side of the engine and the oil was leaking out. God saved us twice here. He waited until the van was feet from home for the seal to pop out, and he made sure hubby was home. If it happened far away from the house while he was driving, the oil would have come out blown the motor up. If hubby wouldn't have been home, it would have been me and the kids in the van. I had errands to run today and wouldn't of had my cell phone because it was dead this morning...forgot to charge it. So the kids and I would've been stuck on the side of the road with a blown motor and no way to call anyone. My errands were much farther away than just where he went today.

So on the downside, we had two broke down vehicles in the driveway and no way to go get parts for them! But we are so thankful to the provisions and protection that God gave us within the last two days! They don't make a repair manual for Kia Sedona's and you can only get parts through the dealership, so we had to tow it to the service department at the dealership. Without a book, my husband has no way to fix it. It's nothing like a Chevy, or Ford, and most of it's computerized since it's so new. We have very little money, so I'm praying that God will work another miracle and provide us with a way to get it fixed. This is the last thing we wanted or needed now, financially, but how can you complain, after what God has just protected us from? The last thing I would want or need right now would be to loose my husband, so I'll take a van in the shop!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I lost 2 pounds since last week!

I'm so happy to be going down on that scale instead of up! I have so much I wanted to post about today, but we have two broke down vans in our driveway and no way to get to church tonight, so I'm going to help hubby in any way I can, and ask that you would just pray for us and our vans please! We have no other vehicles. He has his company work van, and we have our family van. I will post more about it tomorrow since I have something to be very thankful for, even though they are broke down in the driveway!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

I hope for today to be a calm and steady day...we'll see what happens! We got out first thing this morning, and swapped some money around from one bank to another (I've got to get down to just one checking account) and we went by the Redbox and got my movies that I reserved at 1:38am this morning! I stayed up late because I had forgotten to wash my dear hubby some jeans, and the Lord blessed me for my effort, by making the movie available to rent ahead of time online...I knew if I waited until I got to the machine, or tried to rent it when I woke up this morning, that it would be gone. Thank you Lord!

So now the boys are doing their schoolwork and the girls are upstairs playing quietly. Don't know how long that will last, but I plan to make every minute count! It's so peaceful in the house right now! I am going to watch one of my movies while I fold some laundry and sweep the living room floor. I don't know if I'm going to mop it or not. Hubby said he is going to work on building his shop some more when he gets home from work, so I know more mud will get drug in. I could mop all of the room except between the french doors and the dinning room door. We'll see.

I also need to run a load through the dishwasher and wash a few pans that I have rinsed and sitting on the counter. I'm so thankful for my dishwasher! We've had one for over two years now, and I'm still excited about it every time I turn it on!

That's probably about all I'm going to tackle today. I want as peaceful and steady of a day as possible! I just need to make sure that I keep that washer and dryer running ALL DAY!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook~2/15/10

FOR TODAY... February 15th, 2010

Outside my window... we have partial sun after some light snow this morning. Nothing accumulated though, and the snow we previously got has melted. My hubby took the day off to work on building his shed, and I can see him through my kitchen window and french doors off the living room. He is so talented. I love to watch him work and build things. My oldest son is out there helping him until I can get his schoolwork ready!

I am thinking...of how I wish I could hire a maid. Not for everyday, but just once and a while for days like today, when there is so much to do, that I know it won't all get done.

I am thankful for...books. I love to read books. Not fiction, but christian growth books. They have really been a blessing in my life and my walk with the Lord.

I am wearing...we aren't going to talk about what I'm wearing because it's 12:17 here, and I'm not wearing what I should be wearing in the afternoon!

I am going...to the Post Office and ATM later today. Maybe even to the grocery store too, since I'm missing a few important items.

I am currently reading... "Created To Be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl has to go back to the Library tomorrow. It has been just wonderful so far. I actually apologized to my husband a couple days ago for my actions and attitudes at times. I told him that I didn't know how much what I did affected him, or what I did not do. This book explains the three different kinds of men, and how a wife can make him, or brake him, so to speak. Very informative..I wish I had read it years ago. I'm going to buy this book and finish reading it. I think it's a good one to have to read over again time and time again, and to loan out. Until then, I will start reading "The Thyroid Solution."

On my mind...next years school curriculum plan. It's time to get it figured out since I will be purchasing it before the school year starts.

Noticing that...Winter has lasted a long time this year. It's been much colder on average as well. My husband says, "that's not what I moved here for!"

Pondering these words... I have a new place at the top of my blog where I am putting weekly quotes. These are the words that I ponder throughout the week!

From the kitchen...mounds of dished to be done, at least they are all rinsed. I need to mop the floor too. I think another potato dish tonight. Maybe some southern style biscuits as well.

Around the house... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

From my picture journal...

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project Organized Home (chore charts-back by popular demand)

Here is our chore charts that we made to keep the kids on track with their duties that need done everyday. I got tired of always repeating myself day after day, and always having to stay on top of them. Now it is clear what they are supposed to do each day, and they have a reward system set up for accomplishing it. I made these using American Greetings Spiritual Expressions computer software, but you can use just about any print program, or the kids can have fun making their own cards! Each child has their own chart made out of poster board. There are places set up for what they need to do after before and after breakfast, after lunch and dinner. When the chore is done, they place it on it's spot on their chart. The girls have pictures along with the words on their cards since they can't read yet.

There are chores that are to be done everyday at about the same time everyday, and then they have a "clean room" card that I put up on the day of my choosing, and that means they have to do a full room cleaning...laundry downstairs, sheets stripped, trash out, vacuum, etc.

They also have special chores that we rotate or roll dice to choose who gets to do that chore for the day. It keeps things more interesting when they don't have to do the same chores every day. The anticipation of who gets to do what is so fun for them too! 1-6 are easy chores that the oldest 3 get to rotate or roll for, and 7-10 are harder chores that only the boys share. They are put on the charts after it is decided who will do them that day. We put the chores facing out, and when they are done, we turn the cards around so the numbers are showing.

Now for the reward system, if they do everything that day that they are supposed to do, they get a designated amount of money for it. If they don't do it, they don't get the money, and they get a consequence decided on by their father. I made "badges" each with a different amount of money on it. I keep them in a basket on my desk.

There are 5 spots for each child on the money chart. Once they reach 50cents, they get the 50 cent card, then when they reach $1.00, they get the dollar badge, and so on, so we've never needed more than 5 spots. They can earn extra money by doing extra things or jobs for Mommy or Daddy. Only Mommy can take up or take off the money badges.

We've been doing this for over a month now, and it is so nice for me to be able just to ask them periodically, if they've done their chart, or ask them to check their chart. It's much more fun for them and they feel like they are getting results from their hard work. Let's face it, children aren't all that thrilled about just having a clean and organized home! It does make it feel more like they are a part of the family too, than doing "chores".

Friday, February 12, 2010

SNOW in the Southeast!

This is why I don't have a normal Friday post for you all. We got hit with snow today, and while I am SOOOOOO excited about it, it meant that we had a very different day than what was planned. Because it is so warm here, this snow will be ice tonight and that means we can't leave the house tomorrow. So we had to get that bank deposits, gas and a few groceries today. We also have a friends birthday party to go to tonight. My husband is at Home Depot getting some lumber that he needs, before he can't get there at all! It is soooo beautiful though, and I'm so thankful that we got to have some descent snow this winter! I miss the feet of snow I'm used to having each winter, ever since I was a baby!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

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Today I wanted to share with you what my wonderful husband got me for my birthday. First let me start by saying that he's not the romantic, touchy-feely kind of guy. I can count on one hand how many times he has bought me flowers in the last 11 years. I'm okay with that because he's faithful and an incredible provider. He loves me more than life, and I know that. I don't need flowers or chocolates to know just how much he loves and cares for me. When he gets up in the morning, sick, and works outside in the cold all day, installing heating units while being sick, just to make money to provide for us...that shows love! When he puts his paycheck in the bank and doesn't ask for a penny for himself...that shows love. When he spends his evenings and weekends with myself and our children instead of his friends, or elsewhere...that shows love.

I have been trying hard lately to be a good "help meet" for my husband. I want to do this out of love and respect for him as well as my respect for God and desire to follow his will. I'm not expecting anything out of it, although I'm not against reaping what I sow! Well, I am already reaping good things because not only did he let us go to the aquarium for my birthday, but this is what he brought me home after he worked a half day and before we left...

I must say, he has always been wonderful with cards! He's always wrote his own little sweet things on the inside too. I keep these cards and cherish them because it's the only time during the year that I hear these kinds of things. He always jokes and says that he told me he loved me when we got married, and he'll let me know if anything changes! But seriously, he tells me he loves me all the time, but in these cards he tells me how much I mean to him, how much he appreciates what I do for the family, and how wonderful of a mother I am. Things I need to hear on days when everything seems to be going wrong. I love having these cards to pull out and read on those days!

I was so astonished when he had my youngest daughter hand me these! He said he wanted to get me roses that didn't die in a week. I have always wanted these little miniature roses, so I was on cloud 9! I had an old spider plant in this pot, and I was happy to dump it out and plant these in it. I have had this pot for years, and had several different plants in it...it looks like it was made for these roses! I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it, but with the light in the background..well you know. This is going to be stunning when the roses fill out some more! I am so thankful for my husbands thoughtfulness and gifts. I am thankful for God letting me see immediate results from my trying to be faithful to His Word, as far as my role as a help meet for my husband.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wednesday Substitue (Fun at the Aquarium!)

Tackle It Tuesday

I've been so excited to let you all in on what I will be "tackling" today, on my birthday! Can you guess what I will be tackling today?...


I couldn't possibly be any more excited! I have wanted to go here ever since we moved to Georgia 2 1/2 years ago. We are only 43 miles from this monstrous bundle of fun and learning, and we haven't been able to make it there yet. Until TODAY! I love marine life. The dolphin has always been my favorite animal, even since I was a little girl. I wanted to be a mermaid when I was growing up. Every time I was swimming in a pool, I would swim underwater and pretend I had fins! This is probably the best birthday present I've ever had! There are more exclamation marks in this paragraph, than periods! I can't contain my happiness and excitement this morning. Lord willing, I will have many wonderful pictures to share with you when we get back! For pictures with the kids though, only those of you who can read my family blog will be able to see those, sorry...make sure you check over there later tonight or tomorrow morning!

However, before we go, we are tackling:




*cleaning out the van

*grocery store for a few things


*ATM visit!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... February 8th, 2010

Outside my window... the sun is shining and I am hoping for steadily warmer temperatures. With Georgia winters, you have cold days, and then warm days, it really quite tricky to know when spring is actually coming. My hubby and I are really ready for it though. We are done with all this rain too! It's making it very hard to get his shop built!

I am thinking... honestly, it's to early for me to be thinking. I stayed up late again, and I haven't had any coffee yet this morning. It's decaf, but it still is what gets me going in the morning...it's a mental thing. Maybe I should be thinking that I've got to start going to bed earlier!

I am thankful for... my Mary Kay products. I was able to get them ALL again, plus some new toner I hadn't tried before. My skin looks sooooo much better when I use all my Mary Kay cleansers and moisturizers on a daily basis!

I am wearing... pajamas, black with white polka dots.

I am remembering... how fast time goes. My birthday is tomorrow. Even though I feel like it's been ages since my last birthday(I guess because I don't really think about or celebrate my birthday) but that means our anniversary is not far behind, and I can't believe we are almost at another anniversary already. We will have been married for 11 years on the 20th!

I am going... to take my oldest to his piano lessons tonight. Hopefully, no where else. I could use some time this house, lots to do.

I am currently reading... Taking a break from Disciplines of a Godly Woman, so I can read "Created To Be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. I checked it out from the library, so I only have so long to get it read. It's been really good so far. I need to focus more on my husband and less on myself. I can be very selfish at times, unfortunately...I'm working on it.

I am hoping... to one day be the Help Meet that God created me to be! How wonderful it would be if my husband could say that there wasn't a thing more that I could do for him, that I'm not already doing!

On my mind... so happy that the Saints won the SuperBowl last night! Don't get me wrong, I love the Colts, and I'm sad that they lost, but I was routing for the Saints. Only one person on that team had a SuperBowl ring, and they have worked so hard since Katrina to bring up the spirits of their people, and I just think they really deserved it. I think it was obviously meant to be too!

Noticing that... my dogs bark too much! Any noise that they aren't used to and they are barking their heads off, all 3 of them. It's really frustrating as we (and they) are getting used to having new neighbors.

Pondering these words... I have a new place at the top of my blog where I am putting weekly quotes. These are the words that I ponder throughout the week!

From the kitchen... I have more dishes to do, and the floor needs mopping today. I need to make a meal plan too, of what I want to have for dinner each day this week. I filled up a good portion of our new freezer, and that should really help with meals now!

Around the house... very quiet, except for the dogs. The kids are still sleeping because they went to bed late too. I really need to wake them up.

One of my favorite things... quiet time with my coffee and Bible. Very precious time!

From my picture journal...

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Organized Home

Well, the rainy weather has delayed what I wanted to share with you today. So I think I'll show this incredible spice rack instead. Before, my spices were spread out in three different places, and were very difficult to get through. I had to move them around, and pull some out to see which one they were, until I found the spice I needed. Not exactly the kind of thing that makes you look forward to making a nice homemade meal from scratch.

When we were at BrandsMart the other day, we saw this, and I just had to have it. It came with it's own spices, so it was easy to justify buying it. When they run out, I will replace them with my organic spices. Look at this!....

It spins around like a giant rotisserie rack! And when you take a spice jar out, that row automatically comes up to the top so you can put it back in easily. It is no longer difficult to find the spice I need, and the rack is on the counter top right next to my stove, so making a meal is much easier now! The spice names are all on the front of the jars in plain view...

Not only is this thing functional, but it is absolutely the most beautiful thing in my kitchen! (Well, maybe not THE MOST, but it sure competes for the title!) Just one more thing I have been blessed with to make my home more organized and efficient!