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"The Gospel is a woman's first and most important discipline, for it is the source of godliness."
~ Barbara Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Weekly Memory Verse

"According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,
through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.." 2 Peter 1:3

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This month, Thankful Thursday's are being hosted by, Laurie, at Women Taking A Stand!

What a wonderful day today! I am certainly in a thankful mood, there's no way I couldn't be. The love, compassion and kindness that we have be shown in the last 3 weeks is just amazing! I have been brought to tears several times in the last few weeks, from the willingness to give by the people around us. We have had gift cards given to us, food, money, prayers, cards, compassion. We've had strangers stop what they were doing when they heard our recent story, and try all they could do to find jobs, or think of something they could offer to help us. You just don't find that anywhere you go. People who have little for themselves, have given to us, to help. You can't help but be humbled by God's grace and provision, and the love that many people have. I am so thankful for them, and I pray that I will be faithful enough to pay it forward when God allows that opportunity!

What God has done in such a short amount of time for us, is just amazing. We were in such a dark, confusing place, with no answers of any kind...just many, many questions. God has taught us patience, trust, humility, thankfulness, love, and how to be completely surrendered to His will and timing. From the moment hubby lost his job, I have been amazed at how well he has handled it, and how quickly he turned the situation over to God. It's just not his personality type AT ALL! He prays, and he seeks God's will, but he's so quick to take blame and responsibility and try to fix things in his own strength. I am truly blown away by how fast he handed this situation over to God, and well he's done at leaving it in God's hands, and not tried to manipulate things. I have done my best to do the same thing, and God is really showing us His infinite capabilities to handle anything and everything in perfect order!

All of our needs have been met. Our hearts have been touched like never before. Our spirits are soaring and we are definitely closer to the Lord. God has moved in ways that are truly above our ways and understanding. He has revealed His plans for us in His timing, and opened doors that He wants us to walk through. He has kept doors closed that He doesn't want us to walk through! I just can't even put into words how beautifully and perfectly He has timed each detail of our lives in the last 3 weeks. Money is certainly in tight order, and it's very important that what money we do have, is spent in the right place. God has seen to it, that we didn't have any money until we knew where He wanted us to spend it. He has not allowed us to waste a single dollar!

I am so thankful today and I look forward to the rest of this journey. I know it won't be easy, but I know we are safe in God's hands! Pray with us today, as we get the parts to fix the motor in our Suburban. I pray that what God has provided us with, is exactly what it takes to fix it!


  1. What a beautiful post! All of the ways that God has provided for your family is truly touching to me, too. I am so happy that you have had so much love shown to you during this time!

    Love you!!!

  2. Cool testimony. We have not because we ask not...way to keep asking!

  3. What a great report!! You definitely have something to be Thankful Thursday!!!

  4. God is really awesome, isn't He? He knows your needs and he will certainly provide. that i know for sure.

    God bless you, kristi

  5. Just think how different things would be if you took matters into your own hands and tried to fix all this on your own. You'd be worrying yourselves sick, putting strain on your marriage, and making everything worse. By choosing to wait on the Lord you've received myriads of blessings, and I know there are plenty more to come. Praise God for the lessons you and everyone around you is learning from this experience!