Weekly Quote

"The Gospel is a woman's first and most important discipline, for it is the source of godliness."
~ Barbara Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Weekly Memory Verse

"According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,
through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.." 2 Peter 1:3

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook~11/2/10

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For Today~ November 2nd, 2010

Outside my window~ more leaves are falling to the ground. There's a breeze today, and it's quite cool for Georgia in November. I think our high today is only in the 50's. My boys are playing badminton with the neighbor boy from next door. It's a nice moment to watch!

On my mind~ oh, it would take me all day to tell you everything that's on my mind. My mind is currently on Kansas though, and I keep thinking about what it would be like to live there again.

I am hoping~ that hubby will have his final interview tonight with the company in Kansas, and we will get some much awaited answers about the near future!

I am wearing~ hubby's navy blue sweatpants, and my favorite winter top. It's navy blue, baby blue and white striped, with a navy blue hood on it. I don't ever use the hood, but it sure makes the shirt warmer! I'd be doing even better if I'd get some socks on my feet...my toes are frozen!

I am going~ nowhere today! I am finally starting to feel better. I've been coughing up all this junk out of my lungs and going out in the cold would be a horrible idea!

I am creating~ ideas. At this point, that's all I can create! lol! My house is a mess, and we are not starting any projects until we know which state we are going to live in!

From the learning rooms~ we are kind of on hold right now. I've been so sick, we haven't done any schoolwork with the younger one's. My oldest is doing about half of his work, but if we are going to move, we will have to change his curriculum again. Poor guy. Good thing we've kept the curriculum he started with this year. He likes it, and he can pick right back up where he left off a month ago!

I am praying~ that I will get completely over the flu, so I can get the other two blood draws that the doctor wants. No more answers on that front, until they get done and the results come in.

From the kitchen~ lots of deer! We've had deer steaks, deer sloppy joes, deer burgers, on an on! I'm so thankful that hubby has gotten two deer already, and we are able to use that meat when money is so scarce right now!

One of my favorite things~ hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a great football game! I love Sunday's in November! Our favorite NFL teams are doing really good this year too...makes it even better!

Around the house~ it's pretty quiet today with the boys outside and the girls watching cartoons. Lunch is about ready, and then we'll focus on laundry!

A few plans for the rest of the week~ haha. I don't have any now. I thought I did, but the Lord showed me that He truly holds tomorrow in His hands! lol! After the rescheduled interview last night, this is the first verse I read in my bible today...

"Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth." Proverbs 27:1

I just had to laugh. I've never read that verse before, and I couldn't believe that's what God lead me to first thing today! :-) He certainly was precise wasn't He?! I hope we will have answers tonight, but I am truly surrendered to the Lord on this matter now, and I will take things one day at a time..doing what I can each day.

From my picture journal~

My mother made me this beautiful jewlrey set. There's earings, a bracelet and two necklaces. I absolutely love them! Thanks Mom!


  1. It's not as cool here as it is there, but I am really loving it! I am so glad that you are feeling a little better.

    Praying that you have some answers tonight. It's so hard to wait and not know, isn't it?

    Your Mom is very talented! That is a beautiful necklace, and a very beautiful picture of you wearing it! :)

  2. That's a great picture of you! You look so pretty!

    We still haven't gotten out of the 80's even though a month ago it looked like we would. Hopefully by this weekend we'll get down into the 70's which is way more comfortable.

    Still praying the Lord's guidance in your lives. What a perfect verse the Lord gave you today! He always has just the right thing to say.